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In Year 10 all students undertake Work Experience. For further information, please contact our work experience co-ordinator.


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I’m just sending a final reminder that all of Springpod’s April virtual work experience programmes are closing their application windows this Monday (March 29th). There are over 20 programmes which are completely free for students (and always will be). They include everything from politics and journalism, to fashion and engineering. They can be completed at time that suits your students and offer a certificate great for CVs, cover letters and interviews upon completion. The programmes are open to applications from students in Year 10-13 and will run between April 6th and 16th. You can view all of our April programmes here Please do share these with your students so that they can get their applications in whilst there is still time! Best wishes, Sam P.S. I put a PDF together with all the programmes in case that was easier to share. You can view it here


Sam Matthews

Growth Marketing


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Year 10 Student Comments about their Work Experience - Week of 25th - 29th March 2019

“I am really enjoying designing my own website and have learned many skills on new software.  I made a website based on Matthew Arnold School.” …...Sid Allen.


“It was a really useful experience in the workplace, especially as I am thinking of going into medicine.  It was interesting working alongside adults and being treated like one.” ….Tabitha Appel


“I created some parts for a Mclaren car including some panels at the front”  …..Seb Gates


“I didn’t start as confidently as I hoped I would, but I learned perseverance when explaining something to a year 2  I thought of alternative ways of saying it so they could understand.” ….Haadiya Shah


“It was informative and can help you whether or not you want that line of work.  Work experience shows you what work is like.” ……..Emma Courtney


Employer Comments about Work Experience - Week of 25th - 29th March 2019

Gemma Field from Toni and Guy said that “the three students from Matthew Arnold have been the best that Toni and Guy has ever had.”  about Jessica Crowder, Alfie Blakeman, and Savanah Gallagher


Patrick Hull went to Rareforms New Media which was a placement he researched  for and found for himself. The comment from the employer was that “He has been genuinely useful.  He built Bios for a number of clients.(Web design work) He brought original skills learned in art and built those skills into work for clients.  He taught us those same skills.” 


Oscar Evans went to Wolvercote Primary School     “Oscar has built a good relationship with some key, vulnerable children.  He has had a positive impact on them.”


“Jessica fitted in well and we have enjoyed working with her.  We would welcome Jessica back anytime.” Jessica Hitchen  Hilltop Veterinary Centre


“Abigail is a really quick learner and was willing to help out and be part of the team.  She has come out of her shell quickly , plus is really good engaging with the customers.”  Abigail Marchington Costa Coffee


“Raahi Patel demonstrated the following skills:


Ability to read ,comprehend, summarize and discuss academic material related to psychology. 

Reflection, and ability to ask intelligent questions about the material.

Concentration and maintenance of interest in a wide variety of questionnaires and tests.

Excellent numerical skills, as shown in her performance of mathematical activities.

Excellent observational abilities as shown by her comments on what she saw me doing during my research in the school.

Excellent organizational skills and efficiency.

Courtesy, friendliness and communication skills when interacting with the professional psychologist, the student, staff and pupils at the primary school, staff at my college, and myself.

I have let her know that I would be happy for her to contact me for information and advice in the future.”  Dr Ann Dowker about Raahi Patel


“Samuel has been exceptional.  He has used his own initiative, bringing things from home, teaching groups and classes.  He has been in demand from other members of staff.” Cumnor CoE School