Matthew Arlnold School

Special Educational Needs & Disability

SEN and Disabilities

We are an inclusive school and our Inclusion Department supports all students in achieving their potential. We do this through provision in class, or by targeted interventions to assist students with literacy, numeracy, social skills and behavioural needs. Inclusion staff regularly review students’ needs and study programmes to ensure that the appropriate support and interventions are in place.

Key Stage 3 Foundation Pathway

This programme supports students working at National Curriculum level 2 and 3 on transition from primary school. Students receive small group teaching to boost their literacy, numeracy and self-esteem.

Meet the SEND Team

  • Ms Jane Kavanagh - Assistant Head (Inclusion). Lead for Looked After Children.
  • Mrs Jemma Thompson - SENCo.
  • Mrs Lauren Bartle - SENCo (Monday-Wednesday)
  • Mr Sam Blencowe - Teacher of SEND
  • Mrs R Begum / Mrs M Arnold - SEND Administrators
  • Mrs Victoria Guntert - Senior Learning Support Assistant
  • Learning Support Assistants -  Miss A Fisekou , Mrs M Granado, Mrs S Singh, Mrs S Fink, Mrs K Sanyal, Mr H Barthram,  L Dube, and Ms L Arch.

Inclusion in the Curriculum


SEN/D policy 2023 - 2024

SEN/D policy implementation report

Specialist course provision

Meadowbrook College

Hospital School


Matthew Arnold School makes use of a variety of technologies to assist in allowing all students to access the curriculum. Notably, these include Chromebooks, whiteboards and voice recorders where needed.

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