Matthew Arlnold School

Our Staff

Our approach is to promote excellence through a culture of continuous improvement where teachers and learners engage in dialogue to improve outcomes for all. Staff are listed here with key areas of responsibility and focus. You can contact individual members of staff using this contact form 

Senior Staff Members

Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mr A Broadley

Deputy Headteacher - Mr G Marshall

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs L Hood-Smith

Assistant Headteacher - Mr A Webster

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs H Palin

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs E Harries

Business Manager - Mr M Wilkins

Leadership affiliate - Miss T Oakden

Leadership affiliate - Mrs K Wilkins

Leadership affiliate - Miss F di Palma

Leadership affiliate - Mr C Buchanan


House Leaders

Amethyst - Mr K Brown

Emerald - Mr M Mullender

Kyanite - Miss L Parsons

Rubellite - Mr J East

Zircon - Miss G Upjohn

Head of Sixth Form - Miss T Oakden

Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Miss H Creaby

Deputy  Head of Sixth Form - Miss L Fortnam-Paynter


Curriculum Leaders

Art and Design - Mrs A Davenport

Business and Economics - Mr M Bond

Computing - Mr M Bond

Core Curriculum - Miss B Ross

Drama - Mrs A Northwood and Mrs H John

English - Mrs N Kemmitt

Geography - Mr J Cutmore

History - Mrs K Headland and Miss L Stacey Moore

Mathematics - Mr P Dodd

Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs G Chandler

Music - Mrs J Draper

Physical Education - Mr R Morgan

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) - Mrs A George and Mr CJ Wakefield

Science - Ms T Hirst

SENDCO - Mrs S Palfrey and Mrs L Bartle


Year Leaders

Year 7 - Mr K Brown

Year 8 - Miss G Upjohn

Year 9 - Mr J East

Year 10 - Mr M Mullender

Year 11 - Miss L Parsons

Sixth Form - Miss T Oakden (Head of Sixth Form)

Miss H Creaby and Miss L Fortnam-Paynter (Deputy Heads of Sixth Form)


Please note that * indicates maternity leave