Matthew Arlnold School

Leadership Team

Anthony Broadley

Photograph of Headteacher
I am responsible for leading the creation of the strategic vision, values, aims and goals for the school, promoting a collaborative, supportive ethos, leading learning through the support and development of all staff, ensuring that data is used effectively to evaluate the quality of learning, and leading the promotion of equality, diversity and opportunity.


Giles Marshall

Deputy Headteacher

Photograph of Giles Marshall

I am responsible for co-leading the creation of the strategic vision, values, aims and goals for the school, overseeing the strategic planning and development of the curriculum, including learning beyond the classroom to meet the needs of all students. I liaise with Acer Trust leaders and work in partnership with other schools to raise standards and develop the curriculum offer. I oversee the KS4/KS5 options process.


Tracey Parish

Deputy Headteacher

I lead on whole school self-evaluation and school improvement. So I bring together everyone in knowing how the school is doing and how we can make our best even better, in all areas of our work and for all staff and students.

Jane Kavanagh

Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion


I ensure that all SEND or additional needs are identified and met by staff for all students. I ensure that the school enables the integration and engagement of the most vulnerable learners. I oversee our Looked After Children. I monitor the strategic use of PPG and in-year student appeals and admissions.

Hannah Palin

Assistant Headteacher - Student welfare and development

Photograph of Hannah Palin

I am the safeguarding lead for the school.  This includes overseeing the house system and working with the House leaders, student support workers and the school counsellor as well as everything to do with attendance.  My passion is to make sure that students are safe and can learn, be happy with us and develop the skills that are needed for life once they leave school.

Matthew Wilkins

School Business Manager

Photograph of Matthew Wilkins

I lead on ensuring that the business of the school runs in an effective and efficient way, including finance, administration, IT, HR, site and catering. My passion and goal is to provide the students and staff with the best possible experience whilst attending Matthew Arnold, something I was afforded when I was a student here.


Colin Buchanan

Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning Development
Photograph of Colin Buchanan

I am responsible for developing and improving the quality of teaching and learning.  I work with students to support them in understanding their role in learning as well as with teachers to encourage them to engage in the latest pedagogical research.

Tracey Oakden

Leadership Team - Head of Sixth Form

Photograph of Tracey Oakden

I am responsible for the Sixth Form. I am involved in helping students choose their A level courses, achieve their potential and decide on their career path after Sixth Form including university and course choices.  I am also part of the school safeguarding team looking after student welfare.  As a teacher I am part of the Business Studies Department teaching A Level Economics and Business Studies.

Francesca di Palma

Photograph of Francesca di Palma
Assistant Headteacher - Culture and Ethos 
I am responsible for the holistic curriculum in the school, ensuring that students have a range of opportunities to experience learning whilst at Matthew Arnold. This includes the opportunities that are provided through enrichment activities and extra curricular provision. I'm also involved in Students Futures, allowing them to create a path for themselves when they leave us. My passion is that every student succeeds in their own way when at school.