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Student welfare and development

Children jumping Keeping children safe and secure in their education is a primary concern and we do our utmost to safeguard our young people and ensure they enjoy and achieve.

Each student belongs to one of five Houses and is assigned to a tutor group within that House. Our House system ensures that each student has a Tutor and a House Leader, who provide a secure and supportive base for their academic and personal progress. Tutor groups for new Year 7 students are chosen after consultation with primary schools. We aim to keep all siblings within the same House, but in different tutor groups. We operate a vertical tutoring system, which offers the opportunity to create small House and tutor groups that promote a feeling of togetherness and give all students a sense of belonging to a ‘House family’. The House system with vertical tutor groups allows positive relationships to develop between staff, students and parents, and delivers appropriate guidance and advice tailored to the particular needs of each individual. All students also receive one to one mentoring from their form tutor throughout the year, in our academic mentoring session at the end of the school day.


We expect all students to show respect for each other and for staff, as well as respect for the equipment they use and the school buildings. We promote excellent standards of behaviour through the positive role models provided by other students and the staff of the school. The success of individuals is recognised publicly at House and school assemblies, so that the whole school can be proud of students’ academic and extra-curricular achievements. Achievement certificates are presented during House assemblies. When our expectations are not met our clear policy ensures that parents are kept informed.


We recognise that most students attend school regularly to learn, socialise and to prepare themselves fully to take their place in society as well-rounded and responsible citizens with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute to the life and prosperity of the community. There is a clear link between students’ achievement and their level of attendance at school. We want all the students to achieve the very best they can and for this they need to be in school regularly. Late arrival disrupts the education not only of the student who is late but also of others in the class.

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