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Statement For Universities Regarding Sixth Form Offer and Provision

Matthew Arnold is an 11-18 academy serving a mixed catchment on the west of Oxford.

The vast majority of our students this year have taken four subjects at AS level and have dropped one to continue into year 13 with three A level subjects. We will therefore be reporting their AS level grades. This approach was selected in the first year of the new specifications as a way of enabling the school to assess the marking new specifications and for students to have a clearer picture of their progress as this year there is currently no external validation of grading.

Our standard teaching provision is eight hours each fortnight. Given funding constraints some of our A level subjects have less teacher led sessions than our standard provision of eight hours per fortnight. These are Further Maths, Music, Drama, French, Spanish, Textiles and Product Design.

The predicted grades that the school makes are based on a mixture of these AS grades and also our internal assessments.

Tracy Oakden, Head of Sixth Form
Lucy Fortnam-Paynter, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

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