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School Counselling Service

The Counselling Service at Matthew Arnold is based on the belief that we learn best when we are at ease with ourselves and the world; when we feel confident, secure and valued. All sorts of things can interrupt and impede our learning at school. Sometimes people in our lives make us feel sad, angry, nervous, or useless. Counselling is a chance to talk about these things with someone who is trained, in order to begin to change the way we feel about and behave towards ourselves and others.

Matthew Arnold has a free Counselling Service to support all students and staff when things are getting in the way and life becomes difficult.

The Counselling Service at Matthew Arnold operates in various ways:

Individual Counselling

The School Counsellor sees people by appointment. When someone is seeing her regularly, the times vary from week to week to avoid disrupting schoolwork. Most people arrange to see her themselves but some people ask a teacher to make the appointment for them. Sometimes the Counsellor sees friends together. She keeps everything that is said confidential but her professional code of conduct says if she ever needs to talk to someone else about your situation, she will always try to discuss this with you first.

Volunteer Counsellors

In conjunction with some of the Counselling courses run in Oxfordshire, we have the opportunity to offer a placement to a volunteer counsellor to work alongside the School Counsellor. Volunteer counsellors are always experienced and have additional supervision from the School Counsellor.

MAPS (Matthew Arnold Peer Supporters)

The School Counsellor trains, manages and supervises the MAPS, who are drawn from year 13. Their job is to get to know the younger members of the school, especially the year 7 students and be available to them as an additional form of support. MAPS attend some trips, visit tutor groups and sometimes work with individuals. There is a drop-in room every lunchtime where MAPS are available for students who need someone to talk to or somewhere to go.


At times our Counsellor also offers group work. She also liases with and supports parents, staff and outside agencies.

It is important to remember that Matthew Arnold's Counselling Service doesn't take the place of parents, friends or tutors. Indeed it respects very much the contribution all these people make in our lives.

Counselling is not a magic solution. The service does, however, provide an additional kind of support and plays a vital part in the life of Matthew Arnold School.

The Adviza Service

Careers advice is provided by Adviza. Further information is available on the careers advice page.

The School Nurse

The School Nurse is available to see any student. This service is open to all students and can be accessed via First Aid.

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