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Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

Children outside the school receptionWe are an inclusive school and our Inclusion Department supports all students in achieving their potential. We do this through provision in class, or by targeted interventions to assist students with literacy, numeracy, social skills and behavioural needs. Inclusion staff regularly review students’ needs and study programmes to ensure that the appropriate support and interventions are in place.

Key Stage 3 Foundation Pathway

This programme supports students working at National Curriculum level 2 and 3 on transition from primary school. Students receive small group teaching to boost their literacy, numeracy and self-esteem.

Key Stage 4 Vocational Pathway

All students working at low National Curriculum levels by January of their Year 9 academic year follow this programme. It includes GCSEs in English, maths, science, PRE and an option choice, plus an NVQ level 1 studied at college in a course of their choice. This pathway also includes a module in which students gain key skills and COPE awards.

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