Headteacher's commendations

The rewards system

The rewards system was added to the Positive Behaviour procedures as a result of student, staff and parent feedback.  The purpose of our rewards system is to systematically recognise and reward achievement and positive behaviour across all the year groups.  Our aim is that every student is ‘Ready to Learn’ and those that are, consistently, should have that acknowledged and rewarded.

How the system works:

R1  -  verbal praise for being ready to learn

R2  -  verbal praise for sustained concentration, engagement and contribution. Recorded on the central system.

R3  -  a great contribution or 3 x R2 rewards achieved. Recorded on the central system. R3 rewards are recognised by a certificate.

R4  -  an outstanding contribution or 3 x R3 rewards achieved. R4 rewards are recognised by a certificate.

R5  -  continued and sustained contribution or 6 x R4 rewards achieved within the term. The Headteacher meets successful students and awards their Headteacher’s Commendation personally.

HT Commendations - 28th January 2020

We had another 116 students who finished the autumn term with a HT Commendation (R5). A fantastic achievement again and we congratulate them all.  20 of these students received two R5s in the term and one received three!  This is an amazing achievement and we are very proud of them.  The students receiving two R5s are: Lyla Rounsley A1, Verity Broome Saunders A3, Kayla Wiggins A7, Isabella Wilson E1, Sebastian Sula E6, Isabella Hankin K1, Jacob Anderson K4, Rochelle Mensah R1, Olivia Danby R3, Hannah Walsh R3, Esme Shorter R5, Kester Vecqueray R5, Jed Harman R7, Madeleine Hunter R7, Thomas Godfrey Z3, Rowan Mitchell Z3, Leo David-Barrett Z7, Daisy Dixon Z7 and Harris Bysom Z8.  And congratulations to Barney Walsh R6 who received three R5s at the end of the term.

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HT Commendations - 19th December 2019

The term has been very busy for HT Commendations with over 250 students being awarded an R5. This is a fantastic achievement and we are all very proud of our students and we celebrate their success.  We had 18 students who received two R5s this term. This is an amazing achievement. They are: Josh Allen-Burton K2, Zaid Araf A3, Jenna Chrediy E1, Leila Cooper K1, Thu-Khanh Duong Z6, Lawrence Harkin K1, Leah Hayden R6, Elias Hinchen R5, Ainhara Ly R5, Lydia Mapledoram R6, John McCulloch K3, Sophia McFarlane Z6, Rocco Mileti E6, Joshua Morris Z1, Gemma Preston Z3, Rosanna Sangiorgio E3, Barney Walsh R6 and Audrey Winstone A2. Congratulations to all of them.

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