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Exam results 2015

GCSE Results 2015

GCSE Exam Results

We are pleased to report another year in which our students demonstrated very good progress since they joined us in 2010 as year 7 students and, as a result, achieved good results.

As always, there are exceptional performances by many individuals. We are proud that so many students’ hard work and commitment to doing the best that they can has enabled them to achieve the results they need to continue in education or training in their chosen areas of interest.

The majority of our students will be returning to study for their A levels in our highly successful Sixth Form, while others will be starting apprenticeships or vocational courses at the local FE Colleges.

We congratulate the success of our year 11 students and recognise the contribution made both by great teaching and and also family support in enabling young people to achieve their potential.

As every year group is made up of different individuals, the summary below shows how well this year group have done compared to previous years:

GCSE Summary (Based on Provisional Results)

% 5+ A*-C grades inc EM60%68%72%63%
% 1+ A*-G grade98%98%100%100%
Expected progress in English73%79%84%80%
Expected progress in Maths76%73%88%83%
Number of candidates173177176173

Katherine Ryan
20 August 2015

updated 1 October 2015

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A Level Results 2015

Sixth Form Exam Results

We are once again delighted with the A level results achieved by our students this summer, which will now enable each individual student to access their preferred next stage into higher education and training, destinations which range from gap years, apprenticeships, and a full range of universities across the country. We are extremely proud of the commitment and focus that our students have shown over the duration of their courses.

Here is a summary from the last three years:

% A*/A28%33%34%
% A*-B53%58%58%
% A*-E99%99%100%

Giles Marshall
Senior Deputy Head
13 August 2015


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