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Exam results 2012

GCSE Results 2012

We are very pleased that so many students in the Class of 2012 have achieved the results they were aiming for and we have been celebrating their successes in school today.

As an inclusive school, we are delighted to report that 99% of the cohort achieved at least one GCSE grade and that 45% of the year group achieved at least one A* or A grade.  It is difficult to single out individuals when so many have achieved so highly but worthy of note are the eight students who achieved A* and A grades in all their subjects in this summer’s examinations.  They are: Jack Bloomer (7A*); Robert Bowman; Ellie Coote (9A*); Ella Devilliers (6A*); Samir Hopestone (4A*); Orla Lappin (8 A*); Nahal Namvari (5A*) and Anna Schnupp (9 A*).  A further three students achieved a total of 10 A* and A grades: Sonya Cooke (5A*), Anya Durrant (4A*) and Rebecca Wiltshire (5A*).

At this stage the results are provisional and some may change.  Overall 70% of the year group achieved at least 5 GCSE grades at C or above.  Every year group is different and although the overall figures for this year group are not as high as in recent years, those who worked hard and took advantage of all the opportunities to learn did exceptionally well.  In both English and in maths, over 70% of the students achieved a C grade or higher.  Overall, 60% of the students in the Class of 2012 achieved 5 or more A*-C grades including both English and mathematics.

As always, we are highly appreciative of the support given by parents and families, as well as to the teachers for all their hard work.  By working in partnership, we aim to enable every student to do their best in these key examinations.

Katherine Ryan

% 5+ A*-C grades
% 5+ A*-C grades inc English & Maths
% 5+ A*-G grades
% with 2+ A*-C in science
% making “expected” progress in English*
% making “expected” progress in maths*
% 1+ A*-C grade
% 1+ A*-G grade
APS  (capped – best 8 results)
% EBacc
Number of candidates

A Level Results Summer 2012

We are delighted to report great success at A level this year. Results have improved further: 59% of all grades were between A* and B, compared with 53% last year, and 80% of grades were at grade C or better, another improvement on previous years. At the very top grade, 9% of all results were at A*. Using the measure of ‘Average Points Score’, the students have achieved the best results the school has ever had. Our students have done themselves and the school proud!

In a year when fears about tougher marking have been much publicised, we are delighted that our results have improved further. We know how competitive universities and the job market are at this time, so it is fantastic that so many students have got what they deserve and will go onto the courses and jobs of their choice.

The success is due to hard work and excellent relationships between staff, students and families. Congratulations to all our year 13 students.


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