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The curriculum

Students workingOur balanced and broadly based curriculum provides a range of key benefits:

By the age of 16 all our students should feel prepared for further learning and have developed skills that lead to success in life, not just working life. This includes the ability to think, to learn and to communicate, working both independently, and with others. We also offer a post-16 curriculum, which includes a wide range of AS/A2 Level subjects and includes a core curricular programme and enrichment.

We teach students in different groupings depending on the year and the subjects. There is also an extensive range of
extra-curricular opportunities.

Homework supports the learning process by training students to develop into increasingly independent learners who organise and take responsibility for their own work.

Our students should experience the world beyond the classroom, through enrichment opportunities, as an essential part of learning and personal development; the experiences they gain through these opportunities help them to make sense of their world, linking feelings, learning and values to the decisions we all make and allowing the students to transfer their learning experiences into and out from their classrooms.

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